Pre-Universal Can with Adapter


Pre-Universal Can with Adapter

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The Universal Watering can is designed to add the exact amount of water and Pad Treatment to the Piano Life Saver System that is needed when the yellow WATER light starts blinking.

The special adapter allows this new-style Watering Can to be used with older Piano Life Saver Systems. Insert the end of the adapter into the end of the watering tube on your piano. It will remain there permanently. If the end of your watering tube is cut at an angle you will need to use a pair of scissors to cut it straight. Once you have the adapter installed follow the directions below for normal filling.

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill the can with water to the red line and add one capful of Pad Treatment. Insert the nozzle into the end of the watering tube and tilt the can forward slowly until the nozzle is pointing straight down. Hold it in that position until you hear a gurgling sound indicating the can is empty. Lower the watering can and place it on the floor for a few seconds to allow any water that is still in the watering tube to run back into the can. Remove the nozzle from the watering tube and reclip to the piano.

Choose this Watering Can with Adapter for systems manufactured prior to 2004. For use with a watering tube measuring 5/16″ inside diameter and 7/16″ outside diameter. Choose the Universal Watering Can for systems manufactured in 2004 or later.

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