Pad Treatment


Pad Treatment / Humidifier Treatment to be added to tank when adding water. NOTE: This is the newest version of the label and there has been no changes to the treatment itself.

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“Pad Treatment” is the same formula as Dampp-Chaser “Humidifier Treatment.” New name, same product. Sold in a 16 oz bottle which lasts about one year.

CAUTION: NEVER add anything other than Dampp-Chaser Pad Treatment to the Humidifier water. Other brands of water treatment contain acids which corrode strings and metal parts in the piano. The use of any other water treatments will void the warranty of the Piano Life Saver System and may void the warranty of the piano manufacturer.


Specifically formulated to be safe for use in the Piano Life Saver System, Pad Treatment inhibits the growth of algae and other biologicals in the tank and keeps the watering tube clean and clear.

DIRECTIONS: When the WATER light blinks on your Piano Life Saver System, fill the watering can up to the red line with water and add one capful of Pad Treatment to the water.

Adding the Pad Treatment before the water will create bubbles that make the watering can difficult to fully empty.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions10 × 7 × 3 in


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