About Us

Gayle Mair


Established in 1947, Dampp-Chaser Corporation manufactures and supports products which provide humidity control for small enclosed spaces. Problems solved by application of the Dampp-Chaser technology are as far-ranging as controlling dampness and mildew in household closets, to protecting priceless grand pianos in world-famous music centers in the U.S. and abroad. Piano Life Saver is a product of Dampp-Chaser Corporation.

From our headquarters and manufacturing facility in Hendersonville, NC, USA, we serve an international market. Constant product review and frequent contact with both end-users of our products and technical personnel in the field have earned us a worldwide reputation for product development, product quality and exceptional customer service.


Corporate philosophy at Dampp-Chaser holds that “pride” is a tangible asset. People who believe in the integrity of their company and the worth of their contributions will make a superior product. Similarly, they will make any customer’s contact with the company a positive experience. We have cultivated a corporate environment where such pride flourishes, where creativity and ingenuity are rewarded, and where the best interest of the customer is our primary consideration.